All About the Nexus S 4G

All About the Nexus S 4G

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Places Where Cell Phones Should Not Be Used

Just as everybody knows, cell phones shouldn’t be used at theaters or performances, weddings, funerals, religious functions or family gatherings. While people are watching a movie or a live performance, cell phones can really disrupt the people around you. The same goes for religious activities, as well as family activities. During these gatherings, phone users should be considerate to those around them. And especially when you’re talking one-on-one with someone, it’s extremely rude to pick up the phone on someone. If on a date, never pull out a cell phone; this behavior tells the other person that you do not value their undivided attention.

During these situations, users won’t have to take out their Nexus S 4G battery to avoid embarrassment. Instead, just turning the phone on silent will usually be enough to prevent any unpleasantness. However, it can still be difficult to properly judge when a cell phone needs to be placed on silent. A general rule to keep in mind is the effect a cell phone ring would have on the people within earshot of the device. If a cell phone ring will interrupt a conversation, make it difficult for people to hear each other, or even distract people from an important event, the ringer should be turned off.

Furthermore, sometimes a Nexus S 4G Holster can save the day. If you’re worried about probably missing an important call because your ringer is set on silent, just get a holster and set your phone on vibrate. With your phone being holstered, you’ll be able to feel when someone calls you. If an important call comes through that has to be taken, an individual can then politely excuse themselves from the situation and still take the call without missing it.

There are times when even having a phone on silent or vibrate might not be enough to avoid an awkward situation. For example, if someone has a habit of always checking their emails and messages, it can be pretty hard from them to resist. Even well-mannered people can occasionally be considered rude due to checking your phone for emails and such; this includes peeking into your phone. If temptation at looking at your phone ends up being a problem, just leave your phone at a charger. It’s better to leave the phone behind than to create an uncomfortable situation. Not only will embarrassment be avoided, but often by leaving cell phones at home people find that they enjoy gatherings and outings much more.

You probably don’t know this, but cell phones are troublesome to a few people, and they also get some disapproving glances as well. Although things have come a long way, some situations are still simply inappropriate for cell phone use and care should be taken to show respect for other people and events by turning phones off or even leaving them at home. Keep in mind that Nexus S 4G accessories can help you get the most out of your mobile device and help you make it last longer.

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